Carmine Bianci: Dynamic System Modelling

Within the TopScholars Series, Prof. Dr. Carmine Bianchi, professor of University of Palermo (Italy) will hold a special master course on the topic of


at Corvinus University of Budapest on 8-9th February 2018.

Prof. Bianchi is Full Professor of Business & Public Management at the Department of European Studies, University of Palermo (Italy).

He has research and consulting experience with public and private sector organizations in designing policies and outlining consistent programs to link strategy and implementation. Consulting and education projects that Prof. Bianchi has conducted cover: strategic planning and control, performance management and reporting, as well as System Dynamics modeling for performance improvement and crisis prevention (Dynamic Performance Management). More information on Professor Bianchi here. His recent publications are available here.

Schedule of his lectures:





8th Febr. 2018.

15:30 - 17:00

E 305 room

9th Febr. 2018.

13:40 - 15:10

C VIII auditorium

Detailed outline:

The overall objective  is to enable students to have a basic knowledge of what Dynamic Performance Management (DPM) is and to learn how to design and implement performance management systems to support an understanding of:

  • how to frame organizational performance – what are its dimensions and under what perspectives it should be assessed over time and space
  • how to measure performance
  • how to design and implement a dynamic performance management system and link it to strategic planning/policy design
  • how to identify the processes underpinning performance, and map them
  • how to tie strategic resource dynamics to processes and performance indicators
  • how to link strategic resources, and performance indicators to responsibility and incentive systems
  • how to develop dynamic scenario planning.

The main focus of teaching will be on the public sector. By using case-studies, students will be supported to learn how to design and implement performance management systems that may help public sector organizations and communities to pursue sustainability and lifelong endurance. 

In particular, I would like to cover the following topics:
1.     Designing and implementing Dynamic Performance Management systems in the public sector.
2.     Driving sustainable growth through “outcome-based” Dynamic Performance Management in the public sector/Using DPM to prevent and counteract unintended behavioral effects associated with the use of formal performance measurement systems.
3.     Managing ‘wicked problems’ through joined-up government: A dynamic outcome-based strategic performance management approach.

4.     Supporting/Implementing Collaborative Governance Through Dynamic Performance Management.

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