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Narmin Mammadova from Baku (Azerbaijan):

Living and studying in Budapest is a very precious and valuable experience I have had in my life up to the moment. While studying in Corvinus helped me to grow academically, living in Budapest, far away home and family pushed my physical and tolerance limits. A new independent life required more responsibility, firmness and, sometimes, it was shaping and reshaping my attitudes and beliefs.  Yet, new friends and amazing staff of Corvinus made this experience so much worthwhile.

I was studying in the university with a very friendly staff, who was ready to address all my concerns and always demonstrated compassion and patience. I felt the sense of professionalism, accurateness and kindness of the crew of Corvinus University even at a distance, while I was doing my Erasmus exchange program in Netherlands. This made my accommodation period abroad less stressful and more enjoyable.

The structure of Public Policy and Management program is very well organized and tailored for the needs and interests of the broad range of students. The instructors are all very-well known scholars and with deep knowledge of their subjects. A new modern building with a library and labs create perfect atmosphere for delving into the world of science and acquiring new information. The University welcomes hundreds of international students every semester. This is the other fact I loved so much about Corvinus- the possibility to meet people with different national and cultural backgrounds and learn to leave and study together. In the same time, I got to become friends with Hungarian classmates as well, and even participated in different volunteer programs with them.

P.S. I guess, another thing I loved most about studying in Corvinus is that it is situated in one of the beautiful cities of Europe. Budapest is called a “hidden gem” of Europe and once you are here you realize the essence of this saying. It is a gorgeous city with rich history, culture and hospitable people. The cuisine is one of the best in Europe and the affordability of life there leaves no space for further contemplations! I am really thankful for all the friends and experiences I gained and still hope to gain there."

Melvin van Velthoven from Nijmegen (Netherlands)

As part of a joint-master's programme, I spent two semesters at the Faculty of Economics of the Corvinus Univeristy of Budapest. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and as I write, I envy those students who have the opportunity to go on exchange for their first time. My time in Budapest was one of the most enlivening experiences of my student life. 

The Corvinus Univeristy of Budapest offers dozens of interesting classes, covering almost every field of study and is located in one of Europe's most exciting cities. Personally, I mostly took courses related to Central and Eastern Europe, since they would give me new insights about the region I was spending some time in. Most of the classes were both challenging and interesting and exposed me to a very interactive teaching style.

Outside class, there was no need to get bored. If you would ask a random exchange student what they like most about their time in Budapest, they will most likely respond saying that Budapest allows for easy and inexpensive travels to other European countries and that the city has much to offer culturally. There was always something going on in Budapest.

The community you are in as an international student; studying and enjoying life together with an abundance of like-minded people of your own age creates a unique environment full of special moments. Corvinus hosts students from all over the world. Perhaps unsurprising, what sticks to me most in retrospect about studying in Budapest are the new friends I made while studying abroad and what they though me about myself and their cultures.

Clifford Dallon from New Hampshire (USA)

Studying at Corvinus University as an exchange student from the University of New Hampshire defined the moment when my education gained a purpose. As a student from an American institution (in European Studies), I was forced to view the world through libraries and lectures. Corvinus was different because I was exposed to perspectives and insights that were entirely new to me, the term nationalism suddenly became a real term that meant something very significant. The surroundings illustrated everything that was being taught (with a methodical and structured approach).

This experience was so significant to me that I moved back to Hungary and attended the EMPA (European Master’s Certificate in Public Administration) programme six years later and could not be more thankful for having done so. The classes were intimate, all of the lecturers fostered lively discussions. The professors were able to moderate these discussions with adept mastery in their field. I can say that Professors Varadi Laszlo, György Jenei and Hőgye Mihály were fantastic and changed my life.

Budapest is the most beautiful city in Europe; it has a fascinating past and offers students of economics, public policy and international relations a real application. The academics at Corvinus rival that of any institution in the world, but what is more, the course instructors give do not pay lip service to anyone, they give you the situation as it is. They teach to think and understand in a very unique manner that I can sincerely thank them for.

Rutger Beerens from Doenrade (Netherlands)

I was very pleased to hear that I was given the chance to write about my experiences with the IMPACT Master program (including two semesters of study in Budapest). In the last two years I was given the opportunity to travel, live and study all across Europe. Looking back at my bag full of experiences I can say that I have made the most out of my student career.

The International Master Program in Public Administration on the Coordination of Transition (IMPACT) consisted out of four study-semesters in three different countries. Starting off in my ‘’home-town’’ Nijmegen I was given the chance to say farewell to the ‘’ordinary’’ life which I had cherished so much during my time as a bachelor student. For those unfamiliar with the city I experienced Nijmegen as a very cosy place to study. The university offers great facilities related to pursuing your studies, but also opportunities for side activities such as sports and social student life are abundant.

From the second semester on my exchange life really started. My first steps in the centre of Budapest immediately convinced me that the capital of Hungary was going to change my life. And indeed it did. With over two million inhabitants and a historical city centre full monumental buildings the impressions for first-time visitors are overwhelming. Due to its location in the centre of Europe and its renowned international reputation, the Corvinus University has one of the largest exchange communities in the Europe. Multiple activities are organized weekly to bring together, and entertain, the numerous exchange students from all over the world. The University itself is located in the centre of the city in some magnificent historical buildings, as well as a few recently build locations, and offers a great variation of (technical) facilities. Classes are small with mostly no more than 30 (almost all international) students. You get to know people instantaneously. The subject matter is interesting and challenging.

Also, the Corvinus offers a great deal of electives for you to choose from besides the obligatory courses of your curriculum. The teachers are extremely helpful and very communicative. Tuesday-evening drinks with your professors is a rather common thing.  Many of them have close connections to renowned institutions in both the public, as well as the private, sector in Hungary making it easy to gather important and reliable data for your research. The administrative services of the University are solid, quick and reliable; you will be up and running in Budapest within a blink of an eye.

My advice to anyone considering the a full study or semester at the Corvinus University? Stop thinking and start acting. Do not hesitate to take this step as it is a once in a life-time opportunity that gives you the chance to experience (Eastern) Europe intensely. You get the chance to see places and meet people from all over the world while following top-notch education. Living in Budapest is a delight with new things to discover every day; all that I just mentioned is just a minor fraction of it. 

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