What programme do we offer?

Master of Science in Public Policy and Management (PUMA)

PUMA graduates will be able apply their practical and theoretical knowledge in economics, social sciences, management and law to analyze and solve public policy and state administration issues. 

The program focuses on the comparative analysis of public administration, public policy and public management in EU and non-EU countries in the context of internationalisation, Europeanisation and European integration. 

The program is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of structures, policies and processes of the public sector, as well as, tools to analyse and understand different structures and processes of public sector management, guidance and control.

From the 2016/2017 academic year some of the most renowned scholars of Public Policy and Management studies will be among our regular lecturers. Click here for the details!


Structure of studies:

4 academic semesters (120 credits)


Language of the program:



Graduates of this program are qualified to

  • understand major theories that support government policies in decisions for changes
  • apply multidisciplinary approaches towards public issues
  • understand governance and public management and their applications
  • have an advanced knowledge of the formulation and analysis of public policy and its delivery through programs and projects
  • have extensive knowledge of the institutions, processes and problems of modern government and policy making
  • reflect on how and why similar policy issues are framed differently in different countries as problems and solutions
  • understand key organisational changes in public sector as well as to evaluate outcomes of policies
  • analyse and work out various local, regional, national, and international policy issues
  • be equipped with the skills that are essential for translating policies into tangible programs
  • use the right methodological approaches
  • submit results with acceptable academic content and format
  • apply these knowledge at solving or evaluating concrete problems

Future Employment

Graduates of this program will be well prepared for high positions in government, public service, international organisations and NGOs. Based on the experiences of alumni, PUMA students often become leaders and managers in a relatively short time. 

Both public and private sector companies regularly recruit our candidates possessing profound knowledge in public policy and management. The demand on the labour market for such economists is high from institutions and companies who encounter public issues in their operations and need suitable employees like our students.

The model curriculum can be downloaded here.

Please contact our International Office with any questions. 

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