Erasmus programme

Corvinus University is proud to cooperate with several international exchange programs, including Erasmus, Europe's largest university exchange program.

Erasmus, as it's commonly called, is an educational sub-program within the European Union’s Lifelong Learning Program, which seeks to promote mobility and cultural exposure and awareness in higher education. It facilitates such activities like student mobility, staff mobility, cooperation in multilateral international projects, and more.

Today, the exchange Program boasts a participation of students from nearly all member states and roughly 200 partner universities from the European Union.

While enrolled in Master's studies at Corvinus, you also have the option to spend one semester in one of these partner institutions and recieve full credit for studies undertaken abroad. 

Please view our partner university database for the most up to date list of available schools. 

For more information about the Erasmus experience, please visit the Erasmus Student Network.


Courses offered for ERASMUS and free mover students

2014/15 Fall Semester

Civil Society and Organizations in Transition (prof. Jenei)

Comparative Public Administration (prof. Hajnal, prof. Kádár)

Comparative Administrative Law (prof. Gajduschek)

Institutional Economics of the Public Sector  (prof. Mike)

Multilevel Governance (prof. Kádár)

Public Policy (prof. Jenei)

Public Policy Analysis - The Argumentative Approach (prof. Váradi)


- The above is an indicative list of courses to be launched. Decision about the acual launching of courses depends on student enrolment. The list of courses launched will be finalized by 15 September.

- For specific questions etc. please contact the instructor by email.


If you have any questions in connection with the international student exchange programmes, the Erasmus programme, the EMPA (European Master's in Public Administration) programme and the double degree programme with the Babes-Boyai University, Cluj-Napoca (Kolozsvár), please contact Márton Ugrósdy International and Erasmus Coordinator by e-mail at


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