Advisory Committees

 In order to maintain the strength and utility of our PUMA program, we have created both a Strategic Advisory Committee and International Adversiory Committee. 

We developed the International Advisory Committee, which consists of famous experts from Europe and the United States, to observe and critique our Department's educational program.

International Committee Members include:

  • Professor Geert Bouckaert, PhD, Director of Catholic University of Leuven Public Management Institute and former President of the EGPA (European Group for Public Administration)
  • Professor Steven Osborne, PhD, Professor at University of Edinburgh, former President of IRSPM (International Research Society for Public Management), and Editor of the Public Management Review
  • Professor Wolfgang Drechsler, PhD, Professor at Tallinn University of Technology, former Board Member of the NISPAcee (Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe), Editorial Board Member of several prestigious, professional journals

Finally, the Curriculum Advisory Committee seeks to closely observe the education program and make any appropriate adjustments or changes, if required. 

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