Introduction of the Student Association (KDSZ)

Our student Organization was founded in 2010 at the Corvinus University of Budapest. Our main purpose is to provide opportunity to the students who are interested in economic policy, public policy and public finance to ameliorate their skills, to expand their knowledge and to build up a fellowship which is able to create friendships and occupational relationships.
The occupational purpose of our Student Organization is to train graduates who can apply their practical and theoretical knowledge in economics, social sciences, management, and law to solve and analyze issues in public policy and state administration. Organizing courses, seminars, lectures, talk shops, debates, conferances and pow-wows compose an important part of our professional profile. We also have a new blog which has two important functions: firstly it gives our members a possibility to write articles, to change their ideas and to discuss their arguments. Secondly, it is an ideal forum to inform each other about articles, essays, conferences and lectures. In the recent semesters
Our goal is to build up a strong community, where our members can evolve and find the balance between learning and entertainment. We often organize community programs, like camps – we had a summer camp at Lake Balaton and an autumn camp in Eger then in Szentendre – trips, sports day, cultural programs, team building games, parties and so on.
We are ready to welcome new students who are motivated and feel themselves ready to strengthen our community.



Our blog has summaries of our courses and other programs

Our website

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