About us


Main principles

In addition to providing standard, advanced instruction, our Department also offers the following enrichments to academic studies:  

  • International Integration. Our Department possesses an extensive and prestigious network of international relationships. We are frequently invited to prominent international consortia (presently we are participating in two research programs financed by the EU). Thanks to our network, leading academics of our research areas regularly visit our Department and hold seminars, while our course curricula reflects acutely relevant international research. In addition, we assist our students in pursuing studies in Europe's best public administration and policy institutions in the framework of the EMPA or Erasmus programs.
  • Exposure to the practice. It is very important that the students do not only study theory. Therefore, it is highly useful to students that a significant part of the Faculty has deep experience in the public sector. Furthermore, we often host guest lecturers to explain new problems and exercises first-hand.
  • Student-orientated. We consciously strive to build and maintain a personal relationship with each of our students by means of regular consultations--both individually and group-wise--and through professional and informal extra-curricular activities. The Student Association, founded by the Department's alumni provides extended support.


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