Our two-year Public Policy and Management (PUMA) master programme offers a well-balanced selection of studies from the field of public policy and management, public administration, economics, social sciences, empirical, analytical and research methodology, and it also has a strong comparative perspective.

Level of education: master degree (MSc)

Qualification: Economist in Public Policy and Management

Within the programme, students have the possibility to gain further specificity of knowledge by choosing from three specialization modules:

  • Analytical Tools for Policy Decisions,
  • Public Management,
  • Public Policies for Human Development.

Our students also can choose from a wide range of elective courses. All the courses are taught in English, and they are offered for both the foreign and the Hungarian students.

The programme guarantees the level of highest European standards as it has been accredited by the European Association for Public Administration Accreditation (EAPAA). Graduates will be well prepared for high positions in governments, public service, international organizations, NGOs and even in private companies.

Besides the regular ERASMUS exchange programme, we offer the EMPA (European Master’s in Public Administration) programme for our students, which is a one-semester English language certificate programme. In the programme our students can participate at an exchange semester at one of our EMPA partner universities, which are among the leading European universities in the field of public administration, public policy and public management. The EMPA programme can be based on ERASMUS exchange programme or any other type of funding.

We also have a double degree programme with Babeș-Bolyai University (Cluj-Napoca, Romania) and University of Palermo (Italy).


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