TED10 konferencia: The Study and Practice of Public Administration in Europe

TED10 konferencia

Időpont: 2018. február 1-2.

Helyszín:  University of Portsmouth, Egyesült Királyság

Téma: The Study and Practice of Public Administration in Europe

The participants will further discuss how to approach PA key issues and how to develop the PA as an object of research and teaching especially: interdisciplinary of the field – how disciplines are collaborating (or not) in/within Public Administration and the linkages between the major disciplines. We will also address the important theme of the PA research funding between opportunities and challenges. The participants to TED 10 will also address the different aspects of PA Education as its internationalization and digitalization, the role of accreditation and the links between research agenda and Education in PA. We will also investigate the role of learning societies in the developments of PA study and practices and the future orientations for Public Administration.

A konferencia résztémái illetve szekciói:

- Inter-disciplinary research in Europe: perspectives & practice in Public Administration

TED 10 Conference will address the relationships of different social science disciplines to Public Administration. The participants will approach the linkages between the major disciplines that constitute the field of Public Administration. Key questions are how disciplines, such as political science, public management, law, sociology, economics, are contributing to the development of the field. The key question is what we can learn from a multi and/or trans-disciplinary perspective. How synergies between disciplines can contribute to produce relevant knowledge to understand the functioning of the field of public administration and public policies. We will also discuss the philosophical foundations of Public Administration from classical metaphysics to phenomenology, empiricism to rationalism and pragmatism to personalism and their importance for public governance as well as epistemological and ontological issues. They will also highlight the future trends of PA and PM research agenda.

- The Future of Public Administration Research and Funding

TED 10 speakers and participants will debate the important issue of financing research in Public Administration. What are the opportunities for research funding and are they linked to the needs of PA at national and European levels and/or to innovations? Experiences of funded programmes in Public Administration will be presented and discussed: the different steps to develop initiatives/programmes/projects and/or to apply for grants: national grants, European funding opportunities as well as those linked to research and PA agenda. They will also address the different ways for a better integration of evidence on the impact of research and innovation in policy-making and how PA research can be embedded in Public Administration future developments.

- Developments and Strategic Challenges in Public Administration Education

TED 10 will also contribute to the important debate on major trends and developments in Public administration education. The participants will discuss the important linkage between research and teaching, Europeanisation and internationalization as well as adaptation to national needs, role of accreditation and quality standards. They will also address the role of new technologies and the digitalization of PA education and training programme.

- Learning societies: Contributions to scholarship, knowledge and practice and future directions for Public Administration

TED 10 will provide participants with an overview of the key contributions of learning societies to scholarship, to knowledge and practice. They will further discuss the role of these societies and networks in coordinating the work of schools and institutes of PA in quest of education, training and research in public administration, in organizing conferences, dialogues and knowledge platforms for academics and practitioners at national (national council), European, and global level.  The objective is to make the bridge between Public Administration as a discipline and as a profession and to point out the key trends for the future.


A konferencián való részvételre rövid (100-300 szavas) témajavaslattal ÉS absztrakttal lehet pályázni

2018. január 8-áig! Részletes információ itt érhető el.


A konferencia részletes programja: http://ted-dialogues.org/ted-10-portsmouth/ted-10-programme/

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A konferencia

a Network of Institute and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe (NISPAcee),

a European Group for Public Administration (EGPA) és

az International Institute for Administrative Sciences (IIAS)

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A konferencia egyik társelnöke Prof. Dr. Hajnal György, tanszékünk vezetője.

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