Submission of Thesis and Final Examination in the Fall Semester of 2017/18

Dear Students,

the deadline for the THesis submission in this Semester is 27 November 2017.

If you have already finished your Thesis earlier and want to take the Final Exam this Semester, please register via email to or to 



You can hand in your Thesis Work  in the Office Hours of the Secretary, (Monday 9-12, Tuesday 10-14, Thursday 9-12)


You have to hand in one bounded and one electronic version (CD or in PDF via email to

You have to hand in three statements as well:

Delayed submission is penalised by a daily fee set by the Faculty. Students have to declare about delayed submission  by the normal deadline in a separate sheet. (editable version) This means in the Autumn Semester of 2017/18 it is the 27 November 2017. Students may have an extension until 4 December 2017 for a daily fee of 5100 HUF. The Department strongly advises against delayed submission as it severely disrupts the Faculty’s work.





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