Information about Thesis seminars in 2017 Fall Semester

Information about the thesis seminar and thesis application, deadlines and documents

Academic year 2017/2018


Dear Students!


Similarly to the previous years, you should register for the thesis seminar and submit the official thesis application form, which you can download from the Department’s website. You can find the application form here.

To note all deadlines and details, please read the Thesis Regulation of the Department here. 

The application procedure this year – as much as possible taking into consiteration the students’ viewpoints – is following:

1. We suggest to develop a thesis topic and identify your supervisor or discuss the planned topic with intended supervisor by 15th September 2017.

2. a) Until 15th September 2017, as long as you managed to discuss the topic with given supervisor, you should fill in the thesis application form ELECTRONICALLY, print it and submit to the Department’s Secretariat (room E.275, main building) signed by you and your supervisor during the office hours. Alternatively, please drop the document to the mailbox at the Department. The deadline for the submission of signed thesis application forms is 22th September 2017.

Send the final version of the document also in EDITABLE format (doc, docx, etc.) to email address. In the subject please write „Public policy seminar application”.

2. b) If you are NOT able to agree on the topic with any of the professors until 15th September, you also should fill in the application form ELECTRONICALLY, and briefly describe (in 1-3 sentences) your preferred seminar/thesis topics. If you have some preference of the supervising lecturer, please indicate their name. Send the application form in EDITABLE format (doc, docx, etc.) to email address. In the subject write „Topic selection for thesis seminar application”. These applications – according to the possibilities taking into consideration students’ preferences (but not necessarily completely!) – will be proceeded by the Department. In other words, for these students, who didn’t find a supervisor by 15th September 2017, the Department will assign a supervisor (and more specific topic).

A list of topics and supervisors can be found here.

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