Professor Wolfgang Drechsler’s special master course at Corvinus

Professor Wolfgang Drechsler held a master course on The New Public Management in 2016 at Corvinus University of Budapest in this October.

Prof Drechsler, who is currently teaching at the Tallin University of Technology in Estonia is one of the most renowned Public Administration scholars of our days. He played a crucial role in the German reunification, and later on he was one of the key architects of the Estonian E-governance model, one of the greatest public administration innovations of recent times. Prof. Drechsler currently focuses his research on non-Western public administration systems, as well as the post-New Public Management era.

Drechsler, who is a ’doctor honoris causa’ of our University held four lectures at Corvinus, talking about his core research interests. He detailed how different paradigms are shaping the World after the economic crisis, and what the neo-Weberian state can do to handle its tasks effectively. The most interesting parts of his lectures were when he detailed non-Western public administrations, especially the Islamic and Confucian public administration tradition, a topic which is very rarely covered in Hungary. Drechsler’s vivid examples and witty style brought these complex topics closer to even those, who just sat on his classes without any prior experience with public policy and management.

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