Hajnal, György, Miklós Rosta and Réka Máthé (2016): Joined-up service provision in Hungarian Local Governments: The case of Shared IT Service Centers, ECPR, ECPR JOINT SESSIONS OF WORKSHOPS, Italy, Pisa, 24-28 April 2016

The broad ambition of this research is twofold. Firstly, we would like to contribute to the above discourse by raising the question whether JUG initiatives actually undo or, rather add another layere on top of earlier NPM reforms. While much of the current literature argue for the layering hypothesis (Hyndman & Liguori 2016) we would like to explore the question of whether the “undoing”versus “layering” nature of contemporary reforms is not a geographically universal feature of JUG but, rather, depends on the particular political and institutional context in which these (as well as previous NPM) reforms take place. Secondly, as a particular element of this general ambition, we would like to fill the gap we perceive in the field of researching and assessing particular JUG instruments in the field of local governments in general, and especially in the Hungarian local government scene, in particular. In order to pursue this ambition we set out to examine a particular and significant JUG initiative taking place in the Hungarian local government arena: the Application Service Provider (ASP) Project.


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