Hajnal (2014): Public administration education in Europe: Continuity or reorientation?Public administration education in Europe: Continuity or reorientation?

Public administration education in Europe: Continuity or reorientation?
Gyorgy Hajnal
Corvinus University of Budapest, Budapest, Hungary


The article explores the changing patterns of disciplinary orientation in European public
administration (PA) education. The study builds on an earlier research, which defined
three distinct clusters of countries, based on their specific PA education tradition. It asks
whether countries’ movement away from the Legalist paradigm has continued since then
and if yes, what were the factors triggering the shift and towards which cluster: corporate
or public. The empirical basis of the article is a small-scale expert survey involving
ten European countries. The key finding of the research is that since the early 2000s the
geographical scope of Legalism in PA teaching has shrunk further with a number of formerly
more Legalist-based countries having moved towards at least one of the two alternative
clusters. These changes can be attributed to the demonstration effect of the
international PA education field and a shift in actual needs triggered by domestic reforms.
However, some countries in the response set – notably, Germany and Hungary – seem
to remain largely unaffected by these trends and continue on an overwhelmingly Legalist
PA education path.

administrative tradition, comparative study, disciplinary reorientation, expert survey,
public administration education

Teaching Public Administration (2014) 11: Online First

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