Budapest is one of the most amazing city of Europe and our PUMA MSc program offers excellent opportunities. The application deadline for this program is 15th April. 

The KDSZ invites everybody for the next event which will be on 21 of April from 17:20 at BCE S3.

The Ministry of National Economy is looking for Hungarian-speaking trainees. 

More information from:

Budapest Scholarship Program
2015-03-02 13:19:16

You can apply for the scholarship granted by the local government of Budapest. You can read the call in Hungarian here.

PUMA Social
2015-02-24 13:39:19

Social PUMA program

Hungarian students can take part in a KDSZ seminar which topic is the Austrian Economics School.

István Tarlós the mayor of Budapest will give a lecture about Budapest's future. The event will be in Hungarian.

Information for Hungarian applicants.

Join to the KDSZ!
2015-02-04 13:08:49

Join to the KDSZ which is a students' association at Corvinus. KDSZ' profile is public policy and management, economics and politics.

This year Budapest was given the honour of hosting the NATO Parliamentary Assembly between 11 and 19 May 2015. The event will also commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Assembly.

You can read KDSZ interview with prof. Hajnal here.

You can write paper in the field of Public Policy and Management for the National Scientific Students' Associations Conference.

PUMA Social
2015-01-15 15:16:29

Social PUMA program

You can read a list about the scholarship opportunities for EMPA students.

Hungarian students can apply for PUMA MSc with state funding.

Scholarship opportunity for Hungarian students.

Deat Students,

You can download here the questions for the complex exam.

Good luck!

KDSZ Students Conference
2014-11-24 08:45:00

The KDSZ Students' Association organises a conference for the members.

The conditions of the entrance exam for the Hungarian future students.

ERASMUS 2015/2016
2014-11-13 22:09:03

The Faculty of Economics calls for ERASMUS  scolarships in the 2015/2016 academic  year.

Dispute about György Hajnal and Miklós Rosta’s paper: The illiberal state on the local level: The doctrinal foundations of subnational governance reforms in Hungary (2010–2014)

The Hungarian Academy of Sciences - Institute of Legal Sciences organises workshops about the public policies' legal environment.

Erasmus Experience
2014-10-20 22:05:38

Melinda Magony, who is at the second year of Puclic Policy and Management, has been studying in Paris for two months. She shared her experiences with us!

The Department organises a group which will participate in the simulation roleplay of the Hungarian Parliament. If you are interested in the topic, please ask Zsolt Homoki.


There will be a discussion about the communal work-system in Hungary with Professor János Ladány for the participants of Public Sector Management course.

Where: Trapéz Pub, Budapest, Imre street 2, 1093
When: on 13 October from 7 p.m.

The Representation of the European Commission in Hungary invitates to a competiton which subject is the EU recommendations in Hungary.

The Faculty of Economics calls for ERASMUS and CEEPUS scolarships in the 2014/2015 second semester.

The HÉTFA Research Institute has vacancies in analyst/analysis coordinator and intern positions. Those interested please contact prof. Károly MIKE. For futher details click here.

Thesis seminar topics for the Hungarian langauge MSc program are available here.

Dear Students,

Here you can download the schedule of the meeting hours of the 2014/15 first semestre.

The double degree program run jointly with the Babes-Bolyai University (Cluj, Romania) is now launched. Students of the Corvinus MSc in Public Policy and Management can, by studying one semester in the English language program of BBU, acquire the MA diploma of the Cluj university, in addition to their Corvinus diploma. For further details click here.

New regulations on thesis work for the Hungarian language MSc in Public Policy and Management program were adopted. See the Hungarian language site for further details.

2014-06-15 13:18:04

Dear Students,

There are some changes in the Final exam schedule. Here you can download the new schedule.

Dear Students,

We completed the question list with some bullet points that can help you prepare for the complex exam. Here you can find it.

Good luck!:)

Complex exam schedule 2014
2014-06-05 10:04:27

Dear Students,

Here you can find the complex exam schedule. Please notice that it can be modified until Tuesday morning.

Good luck!:)

Final exam schedule 2014
2014-06-04 13:06:14

2014-06-01 18:40:12
Complex exam dates
2014-05-24 11:11:41

Complex exam dates:

BSc: 13th June 10:00

MSc: 10th June 9:00 (two committees)

Final exam dates:

30th June 9:00

27th June 9:00 

Semester closing meeting
2014-05-26 13:25:24

Dear Students,

We would like to invite you to the semester closing "party" of the Department of Public Policy and Management. It will be on June 19th at 5 pm. Details coming soon!

2014-05-13 14:05:00

2014-05-26 13:14:03

Deat Students,

You can download here the questions for the complex exam.

Good luck!

2014-02-21 08:42:15
Staff consultation hours
2014-03-20 14:14:12

Click to see the staff consultation hours in the 2013/04. Spring Semester.

2014-01-16 11:46:48

The University, on behalf of the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice, announces a student competition. For further details (in Hungarian) please click here.

2013-11-29 23:20:55

2013-11-29 22:51:09

Dear Students! Please be informed about some important informations and deadlines:

The University will be closed between December 21 January 5.

Furhetmore the deadlines for the submission of thesis and application for the state exam are:  27 November 2013 and 30 April 2014.

The basic requirements of submission: thesis in 2 copies + on CD, application form, declaration for disclose (library).

This information is relevant for the Hungarian langauge program only.

Erasmus and CEEPUS 2013/14
2013-11-16 10:58:21

List of the institutions which students can apply for in context of the Erasmus and CEEPUS scolarships in the 2013/14 first semester are avaible here.

The second Wednesday of the month is quickly approaching. Thus we invite students taught by the Department (or simply interested in the event) to have a beer and an informal chat with us at Trapéz on 13 November from 7. p.m.

As a result of one year of preparatory work the Double Degree Agreement between the Corvinus University of Budapest and the Babes-Bolyai University (Cluj, Romania) has been concluded.

For the list of thesis research seminars please click here

2013-09-18 18:06:40

2013-09-18 15:09:16

The announcement only concerns students of the Hungarian langauge program - please see there.

Staff consultation hours
2013-09-14 15:35:00

Click to see the staff consultation hours in the 2013/04. Fall Semester.

The Department of Public Policy and Management and the Faculty of Economics invites first-year students of the Hungarian language MSc in Public Policy and Administration starting their studies in the 2013/14 academic year to its Info Day. Date and venue: 05 Sept 2013 13.00, Main Building E395.

New web site is launched
2013-08-12 13:41:01

The new webpage of the Department of Public Policy and Management, Corvinus University of Budapest, is now operational. Please note that the English pages are still under development. Sorry for any incovenience.

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